Deep Plot & Scene Retreats For Writers


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WRITING DEEP SCENES: Plotting Your Story Through Action, Emotion & Theme.

Your story is waiting to be revealed; we’ll help you find its perfect design while also nourishing your spirit and body.Over the course of the weekend you’ll learn how to identify and write the key markers of your plot to design a page-turning story, identify and play with crucial scene types, and follow your protagonist’s journey scene by scene by layering the three key elements of all great fiction: Action, Emotion & Theme.

You’ll be deep in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains at the Mount Madonna Center, surrounded by forest, woodland creatures, beautiful open vistas and the necessary silence to help you replenish. You can take advantage of on-site yoga and massage at your leisure, as well. Whether revising or beginning a new project, you’ll emerge with a mastery of your plot, a scene tracker, and a calm, quiet, nourished soul.



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Who should register for this retreat?

  • Writers with an existing plot and manuscript
  • Writers with an idea for a new plot not yet written
  • Writers grappling with changes to a plot
  • Writers in need of better plot design
  • Writers at the beginning of their writing journey
  • Writers who are seeking to publish their work
  • Writers who need help improving upon their scenes
  • Writers who would like to learn to add tension and texture to their scenes
  •  Writers who wish to understand the intricate relationship between plot & scene

Registration is not available at this time.